What is micro-dosing? 

Micro-dosing by definition is the act of taking very small doses of psychedelic substances for a variety of benefits. By consuming these in a minuscule manner, you exempt the commonly addressed high of psychedelics, such as hyperactive visuals and intense body highs that intimidate the idea of regular use. Because of the purpose-measured dosage, there is a psychedelic buzz that still remains in play, but in a fashion that is directed at supporting mental health, awareness, and improvement. The climb of its recognition is heavily supported by its recorded results, creating a well sustained manner of healing and low side effects, giving it the ability to potentially change the way we view plant medicine in correlation to mental health. 

Do you guys have any promo codes?

Yes we do! We offer 15% off your first purchase if you sign up for our email list. It’s available on the homepage of our website. Already used it? DM us on instagram @micro.genix to see if we have any new offers!

Will my current medications affect my experience?

Yes they can! We have had customers who take SSRI or SNRI antidepressants experience little to no effects, as they can negate the effects of the psilocybin. This can happen even if you stopped taking your medication recently. If you take focus medication like Adderall or Concerta, there have been reports of anxiousness as well. If you have used or use medications like this, we would advise to try a sample pack first to ensure effects are desirable!

Why is your shipping $18, it’s too much!

We ship Canada wide with Xpresspost + tracking. The average cost of shipping alone is between $17-25 for any given package. Most companies who offer discounts or cheap shipping typically do this as a marketing tactic and have overpriced products. We are an honest company, and don’t play games with our customers. We also offer free shipping over $150. Some people go in on an order with friends to purchase more & take advantage of our free shipping option :D 

Why shouldn’t I micro-dose every day?

How you form a dosing schedule is entirely up to you. When you take a microdose, the duration of effects is reliant on many factors, therefore varies from person to person. Taking a day without dosing allows the residual effects of said dose to run its course. In almost all cases, the effects of your first dose will last longer than a day, so dosing the day after may be less necessary, as offset effects will do its job just as well. Taking a third day or further days without microdosing allows the mind and body to come back to ground start, allowing yourself to examine and dissect your experience. In doing this, it is a good time to journal, and/or keep track of changing emotions, and other processes that may affect your daily life dosing or not. Over time you will find what works best for you, and education combined with genuine experience will best dictate what schedule is most progressive for you.

Do you guys ship internationally? 

Currently we only ship with Canada. 

How should I store my products?

All of our products should be stored either at room temperature or in a fridge. Avoid direct sunlight. This can melt our chocolate edibles and adding too much heat to dried psilocybe capsules can decrease potency over time. 

How long have magic mushrooms been around for?

The life-form of psilocybin evolved from its great ancestor Muscarine, which we can date back to millions upon millions of years ago. It is also presumed to have been practiced in religious studies over 6,000 years ago, and modernized by its first mention in the London Medical And Physical journal just shy of the 1800’s, by a man who had picked mushrooms and fed them to his family, going on to describe fits of uncontrollable laughter from his youngest child. Valentina Pavlovna Wasson was a Russian-American paediatrician, and author. Valentina studied ethnomycology alongside her husband, R. Gordon Wasson. The Wassons became the first European Americans to participate in an indigenous mushroom ceremony, later publishing an article in Life magazine about their experiences, publicizing the magic of said mushrooms. It was understood in 1956 uncovered by Robert Heim, that the mushroom they had in fact brought back from Mexico was psilocybe.

I love you guys & your products so much!! How can I get involved or become an affiliate?

 The best way to get involved is to DM us on instagram @micro.genix or  email Willow at [email protected]. We are always open for collaboration with epic humans and love to hear your ideas!

Will I get higher if it’s my first time?

There’s no telling if you can inherently get higher if it is your first time dosing. Although, the effects will likely come off as stronger because it is a new feeling. Like anything unfamiliar, the first dose will likely feel the strongest as your body slowly eases into the sensations of psychedelics. Starting small is a good place to begin, as you can gain a better understanding of your natural reactions when it comes to mushrooms, and from there you can decide if you would like to up the dose or not.

Can I come pick up my products from a local shop?

Currently 100% of our sales take place on our website, microgenix.net.

I’m a really uptight person who needs control, is this right for me?

Intention is key in microdosing. Part of the value in psychedelic practice is the aspect of letting go. If you begin your dosing journey with resistance it may result in feelings of discomfort. On the flip side, if you have the intention of allowing the plant to loosen the constraints of old habits, it may also be the perfect match. Microdosing will never strip you of who you are as a core, understand that what it removes is likely what no longer serves you. Desiring control over tasks and life itself is no bad thing, and earns a place where it belongs. Starting small with a product such as Clarity Capsules might be able to give you a more comfortable idea of where exactly mushrooms can assist you, without taking away what it is you would like to keep.

What are some of the benefits of micro-dosing? 

Consuming smaller doses of psychedelics on a regular basis can heighten the glow of day-to-day life, and create feelings of: 

  • + Awakened creativity 
  • + Enlightenment in mind, body and spirit 
  • + Focus and overall clarity 
  • + Inspiration and drive  
  • + Internal and external grounding 
  • + Heightened connection with others, art and nature 
  • + Intentional healing and self-improvement  

What if I try my first dose and I don’t feel anything?

The intention for microdosing (75-300mg of dried psilocybe in one dose) is for a subtle, yet noticeable experience that gradually comes on and rolls off throughout the day. There could be a few reasons why you don’t “feel” anything. 

  • + Incorrect expectations: Sometimes people can expect a big shift or feeling from their first dose. The feeling of drinking a strong coffee, smoking cannabis or taking a shot of alcohol is not comparable. It should not be intoxicating and not be a sudden “wow I feel that a lot” experience. Be patient and mindful of your day, try a few times before moving on. 
  • + Clash with current medication / substance use: If you use antidepressant or focus medication, there is a good chance this can negate the effects of your microdose. Some medications can directly inhibit the effects. Others can result in an unpleasant / anxious feeling. 
  • + The dose is not high enough: We create our doses to be the perfect amount for most people. With this said, it is not always the case! All of our products are safe to consume more than 1. We recommend to always try on a day with little responsibilities to ensure a desirable experience!

How is Microgenix different from other micro-dosing companies? 

We have gone above and beyond to create a diverse product line to offer something for everyone. Everything we make is Canadian sourced and manufactured with strict protocols in place to maintain quality and consistency. We pride ourselves in our competitive pricing / highest quality compared to others in the industry. We have plenty of plant-based / vegan options and use organic ingredients whenever possible. Our customer service is plentiful and almost always available via email or instagram DM. We are community driven and plan to expand into a company that is much more than just products. 

What should I do if the effects are too strong? 

Every human and every system has its own way of reaction, the way a dose feels for one person, can feel  completely different for the next. Everything comes back to your breath and ability to find your inner  calm. If you are experiencing effects that are making you uncomfortable, take a moment to get  comfortable, and understand that it is all temporary. Naturally, when the body is undergoing elements of  sensation that it is not familiar with, a common instinct is resistance. It is important to trust your inner  judgement, while also keeping in mind that at times, discomfort is a part of the process. Drink some water or tea, make your spot comfortable, and find comfort in the thought that it will not hurt you, and the only thing in full control is you. Focus on your breaths, and let it flow. 

It’s my first time, are there any helpful hints I should know about? 

Don’t put too much pressure on a result. Intention is a great place to begin, but it is important to know that  a large part of the spirituality in this practice is the idea that it will find the proper pace within you. The  best thing you can do is allow it to be a perfect set up for you, whether that be consisting of your favourite time of day, favourite songs, or most comfortable blanket fort. Surroundings pay a big contribution to your overall experience, but at the end of the day it is all unwritten, and the best outcome will find you on its own terms if you lay your trust within it.

Do they lose their potency over time?  

With our production methods, our products do not lose potency or effectiveness over time. 

Can I microdose at night?

Psilocybin acts as a central nervous system stimulant, therefore the rise in stimulation could make it very difficult to sleep, potentially resulting in insomnia if taken at night. Taking a microdose in the morning allows more time for effects to be felt throughout common acts of the day, in turn, giving you a clearer idea of what microdosing may enhance for you. Although, some have recounted that a decrease in anxiety has allotted an easier time relaxing, and furthermore resulting in a better night’s sleep. If you decide to try microdosing in the evening, we recommend trying on a night where you are able to sleep in on the following morning, in case you have adverse effects.

I had a really bad mushroom trip when I was younger so I’m a bit  hesitant to try these. How is the “high” of Microgenix capsules compared to the raw mushrooms?

The main difference between consuming psychedelics in a controlled dose versus a recreational one is  usually just that, the pure amount you are taking. Typically, a dose of recreational “magic mushrooms”  can vary anywhere from 1 – 5+ grams per person. This results in a psychoactive high. With Microgenix, our motivation behind our dosages is intentional, with the purpose of being a frequent practice that can be introduced to anyone with ease. In a capsule of Clarity there is 125mg of dried psilocybe, which is a very  subtle and mild dose. This allows you to experience the progressive and euphoric elements of the mushroom, without the worry of experiencing an unintended, unmanageable or overwhelming high.  

When I’ve taken mushrooms in the past it has resulted in a “gut rot”  feeling. Will I get that with Microgenix?

We know exactly what you’re talking about. Again, when taken in larger, uncontrolled doses, the high  intensity of its chemical reaction can cause the effects of psilocybin to lead to an upset stomach. To  mitigate this effect, our formulation contains 50mg of ginger to offset the chance of a stomach issue.  Many say part of the nausea is intensified by the act of chew and swallow, as for many it is not a kind  taste, with our doses in capsule form, that is also not a foreseeable issue.  

How does this compare to weed edibles? 

It is hard to compare the two as they are both things that vary in dose, strain, absorption and result. Those  with much experience in cannabis and edibles may find it to be an easier transition into micro dosing, in  the sense of causality and overall ease with being “high”, but correlating the both is apples to oranges.  Although, the haziness that many recount with weed edibles is a trait not carried in micro dosing, making  it much easier to be alert and carry on with your day.

I’m 60 years old, is this for me? Or perhaps people older?

As it has been mentioned, further research on microdosing still needs to be taken into account before we can fully tackle every topic. A conversation with a doctor is always recommended before microdosing with any other medications. With all that said, microdosing at 60 should be no different than microdosing at 25, and perhaps it could be seen as even more beneficial. As we age, our level of openness declines. We begin to feel an overbearing amount of comfort in stability, and lose sight of creativity as we become more rigid. Incorporating a practice that involves creative stimulation could maintain the ability of openness and potentially keep the brain young. The effects of psychedelic practices are also believed to have longevity purposes, which is always good to mind as we age.

Who was Microgenix made for? 

It was made for: 

  • + Those who wish to find higher intention in any lifestyle. 
  • + Those who seek connection with themselves and their community. 
  • + Those looking for a natural alternative to depression / focus drugs. 
  • + For creatives who want to tap into their source of inspiration.
  • + For anyone who takes pride in deeper connections, to others and the world itself. 

Who discovered magic mushrooms?

Amidst Robert Heim’s discoveries, comes Albert Hoffman. a Swiss chemist known for being the first person to ever synthesize, ingest, and uncover the psychedelic elements of LSD. Hoffman was able to then synthesize and name the psychoactive compounds that came from this mushroom also, psilocybin, and psilocin. Hoffman later lived to be 102 and spent many years unraveling the mystical value of psychedelics, and had it not been for his wisdom, bravery and skill, we likely would not have the knowledge of psychedelic medicine we have today.

How do mushroom strains differ?

Different mushroom strains have different growing environments, they carry different patterns in spore production and also contain different levels of psilocybin/psilocin. Because of this, they vary not only in size, shape and colour, but also vary in strength, duration, and effects. Different ratios in compounds in turn will produce different effects, we can compare it to cannabis as they both have many different strains, and they are all a bit different. If you wish to know more about all of our strains and their different properties, we have detailed descriptions on each strain in our education section.

Are mushrooms addictive?  

Like trying any new thing involving the mind, if you have been known to have an addictive personality or  have conditions such as schizophrenia, we always recommend speaking with your doctor or therapist  beforehand. Although psilocybin is not physically addictive, people using it to escape reality may become addicted to the psychological associations reached within its frequent use. Intention is our main driver when it comes to our company as well as any plant therapy. All of our products are meant to be taken in a safe and manageable manner, with the intention to connect and create a meaningful practice.  

Are there other size options if I’m hesitant to try a full bottle of your capsules? 

Yes, there is! We offer sample packs of most of our products so that you can see if it is the product for you. Just select the sample size option from the dropdown menu on the product page. 

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