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Your Elevated Lifestyle

All products sourced from Canada

We are a group of passionate individuals using the highest quality Canadian sourced mushrooms, to enhance and uplift the lives of our community. With confidence and passion in holistic medicine, we are here to offer a safe hand as you begin your journey of intention and exploration.

Whether you’re looking for a daily vibe enhancer, a method to find life’s deeper meaning, a way to connect intimately with your partner, or simply share some belly laughs with your friends on the weekend, we have the product and support to meet your exact needs and desires.

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We are building a community of like-minded individuals who choose the path of self-love. We are more than products. We are the perfect harmony of artists and business minds with a plan to continuously grow and evolve into new areas of our industry. From product launch music videos, to blog posts, to poetic testimonials, events and workshops. We will be there.

We are deeply involved in making knowledge the priority and are endlessly hopeful that this industry will have an impact on many. Your stories are our motivation.

Mother Earth provides the elements, we are simply the curators.